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Surgeons using the Minimal surgery Method (in Israel):

Dr. Ohana Gil, Dr. Estline Dov, Dr. Efrati Yigal, Dr. Bendhan Galit, Dr. Bendhan Jose, Dr. Gips Moshe, Dr. Grasi Ciara, Dr. Veil Reuben, Dr. Murninkas Alejandro, Dr. Melki Yedidia, Dr. Nidal Issa, Dr. Nissim Hannanel, Dr. Krabaroshitz Dragan.


Surgical wards that use minimal surgery for pilonidal disease:

Surgical ward B in Asharon Hospital in Petah Tikva, Pediatric Surgery ward in Schneider Children Hospital, Surgery ward in Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon, Pediatric Surgery ward in Sheba Hospital. Pediatric Surgery ward at Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva.


Contact information for the surgeons on the list can be found on medical and health insurers websites online.

*Surgeons who treat pilonidal sinus using the minimal method and wish to be included in the list are requested to contact the site author
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